How to Take Advantage of Beautiful, Early Spring Weather in Phoenix

  If you were to ask anyone off the street what they know about the Phoenix area, chances are, they’d say something like, “It’s hot there.” And let’s be honest—they wouldn’t be wrong. The Sonoran Desert heat is a big part of the Phoenix experience, and it has a big impact on Phoenix life, especially during its height, from about May to October.   But what about the rest of the year? The fact is, the weather in the Phoenix area is actually quite beautiful when it’s not sweltering hot outside. This is especially true in the late winter and Read More

Furniture Storage During a Remodel

  Remodeling your home is an exciting time. You’re looking forward to big changes that will make your home feel new again. Sure, it’ll take a lot of work, but with careful planning and a little patience, it’ll pay off in the end.   Of course, in the meantime, you have to put up with a home in disarray. Depending on what area of your home you’re remodeling, you may have to move furniture or other belongings to make room for workers and equipment. You also might want to move things for protection’s sake: dust and paint could damage your Read More

10 Hidden Storage Spaces in Your Home

  Storage space in a home is incredibly valuable. Having a place to put everything is not only useful when it comes to keeping your home neat and tidy, but also when it comes to your sanity and peace of mind.   It’s no surprise, then, that people always seem to be looking for more storage spaces in their homes. Lucky for you, we’ve found ten common household spaces for storage that you might not have discovered yet. Take a look at our list and get ready to get organized!   1. Under the bed   Don’t think that dust Read More

Getting Rid of Paper Clutter: 5 Simple Tips

  It seems like every home has “that” spot—the spot where papers end up, stacked in a useless pile, never to be looked at again. It leaves your home feeling messy and your mind feeling cluttered.   Of course, paper clutter doesn’t have to be the big pain that it often is. There are some easy things you can do to get rid of those paper piles, once and for all. Here are five simple things you should try to help keep those messes at bay.   1. Throw unwanted items away immediately.   When a piece of paper comes Read More

Home Garage vs Self-Storage Unit

  So you’ve got some stuff to store. Okay…maybe you have a lot of stuff to store. And you need a place to put it all.   Chances are, you’ve only got a two main options in your home: the closets and the garage. While closets are certainly ideal, they are also much smaller, and are therefore better suited to small or delicate items. Bigger, bulkier things are relegated to the garage. Of course, you’re then left with this question: where do you park your car?   The truth is, the garage might not be your best bet for storing Read More

5 Easy Things You Can Do to Protect Your Belongings This Year

  It’s a new year—full of new possibilities, new adventures, and new memories waiting to be made. While we can only hope that the year ahead is full of good things for you and your family, it never hurts to be prepared for those not-so-great life events. And when it comes to your home and your belongings, you can never be too prepared!   As you think about your year ahead, make sure you take some time to follow these tips that we’ve come up with for safeguarding your belongings. These things are fairly quick and easy, and will give Read More