Why Your Small Business Needs a Storage Unit

  Starting a business is exciting. From creating a great product, to making those first sales, to seeing satisfied customers, it all adds up to a very rewarding and gratifying experience.   Of course, it isn’t always easy. Even success in small business brings new challenges — especially when it comes to inventory. As the boxes, products, and packages start to take over your home, you might consider renting an office, until you realize just how expensive that really is.   There is another way. Renting a storage unit is a fantastic solution for small businesses who are looking to Read More

Boat Storage 101: What You Need To Know

  If you own a boat (lucky you!) you probably know that it’s not exactly easy to store. Street, driveway, or yard space gets filled pretty quickly, and some homeowners associations won’t allow your boat to remain visible on your property.   You’ve probably heard about lots that will store your boat, but what does that entail? What are the benefits? How much will it cost? Will your boat be safe? We address some of these questions below in an attempt to help you decide on the best way to store what is surely one of your most prized possessions. Read More

How a Storage Unit Can Help You During the Holidays

  Let’s face it: the holidays are practically here. With Halloween only a few short weeks away, it won’t be long before the attention turns to the most festive time of year.   Of course, it’s also usually the most hectic time of year. Parties, shopping, traveling, and more lend to an all-around crazy atmosphere that is sometimes downright overwhelming. While you may have your own favorite ways to manage the chaos, there’s one solution you probably haven’t tried yet: a self-storage unit.   It’s true: a storage unit can help you keep the holidays under control. Here are a Read More

5 Storage Solutions for Small Closets

  If you live in a small space, or if you don’t have a lot of storage in your home, you know how valuable those closet space really is. Closets fill up quickly, often to overflowing, and leave your space feeling cluttered, with your clothes and accessories unorganized and hard to find.   Fortunately, there are some tricks to making the most of the small closet spaces you have in your home. We’ve listed five of our favorites below, and would love to hear any you have to add!   Use the walls   Wall space often goes unused, but Read More

Storage and College: Organizing at the Beginning of a New School Year

  As the weeks pass in a new school year, college students and their parents may start to realize that something needs to change about the way a student’s belongings are sorted and organized. If a student is off to college for the first time, her parents may be wondering what to do with all the things she left at home, while she tries to organize her dorm room efficiently. If another student is back at school after a summer at home, he may be trying to get used to life in a new apartment or house.   No matter Read More

Security At a Storage Center

  When choosing a storage center for storing your valuable belongings, few things are as important to consider as the security the center has to offer. You want to make sure that anything you choose to store — whether it’s furniture, clothing, or holiday decorations — is kept safe not only from the elements, but from thieves and vandals as well.   Here are some common security features in place at many storage centers. Keep in mind that some centers may not have all of these features; it’s important to think about the features that are the most important to Read More