Renting a Small Storage Unit

  When most people think of a storage unit, they think of a large, garage-like unit that is able to store furniture, dozens of boxes, or even unused vehicles. What not everyone realizes, however, is that not all storage units are this large. Some units are as small as 5’x5’ and they are extremely affordable, making them perfect for anyone who only has a few things to store and doesn’t want to waste space in a larger unit.   What sorts of things could these smaller storage units be used for? Here are just a few ideas:   Family mementos Read More

How a Storage Unit Can Help Your Business

  Individuals and families aren’t the only ones who need storage units. Businesses can benefit greatly from having a place to store items that aren’t immediately needed. Here are a few ways that a storage unit can help a business.   Keep the office clear of clutter   A crowded, cluttered office looks unimpressive to clients, for sure, but it also creates an atmosphere for your employees that is disorganized and sloppy (probably the exact opposite of how you want them to act!). If your employees can’t open a cabinet for fear of extra supplies or files raining down on Read More

What Not to Store in Your Storage Unit

  A storage unit can be extremely helpful for anyone who is moving or deep cleaning, or for anyone who just has a lot of stuff. If already have a storage unit, or are considering getting one soon, it may be tempting to use it to store absolutely everything! The truth is, though, that not every item is suited for storage. Read on to learn about some items that might not be suitable for keeping in your storage unit.   Musical instruments   Especially considering the Arizona heat, keeping a musical instrument in a storage unit is not always a Read More

Moving Hacks that Will Help Your Move Go Smoothly

  Let’s face it: moving is a pain. It’s time consuming, energy draining, and just all-around exhausting.   Thankfully, there are some things you can do to help your move go a little more smoothly. While these hacks might not guarantee a hassle-free experience, they’ll certainly help you as you try to move into your new home with as little fuss as possible.   Buy extra supplies.   You might think you’ll be able to get away with 25 moving boxes and one roll of tape, but the truth is that most people have more stuff than they think. Buy Read More

“The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”… and Storage Units

  Marie Kondo’s bestselling book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” has changed the way that people think about clutter. Arguing for the extreme side of a “less is more” approach, Kondo claims that ridding yourself of unnecessary belongings isn’t just a benefit to your home, but also to your mind and mood.   Kondo’s book has been met with profound success by people who are wanting to create (and maintain) order in their homes. One thing that “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” does not discuss, but that fits well within its principles, is the idea of Read More

Stow It or Throw It? How to Decide What to Store in Your Storage Unit

  Deciding what to store in your storage unit can seem overwhelming, but it deserves a good amount of thought. Your unit contains valuable storage space, and you shouldn’t waste it on things that you will end up throwing away or donating eventually. Arizona Storage Centers wants to help you determine what is worth storing, and what you should let go of now. Use our handy guide below to help guide you as you decide how to fill your storage unit.   Stow It: Keep these things in your storage unit   • Seasonal items. Storage units are perfect for Read More