19 Simple, Home-Related Resolutions for 2019

  The new year is coming up fast, and for many of us, that means that it’s time to make resolutions. The problem is, most people end up ditching their resolutions after a few weeks (guilty) because they realize that the goals they set are unrealistic or overly complicated.   If you’re looking for a new way to make resolutions in 2019, consider ditching the typical, vague statements (“eat healthier,” “exercise more,” and “save money” come to mind), and instead give yourself a list of tasks to accomplish over the course of the entire year. This list is the perfect Read More

Keys to a Minimalist Holiday Season

  The holidays are a time of peace on Earth… hypothetically. In reality, the holidays often leave many of us feeling tired and worn ragged by the hustle and bustle. The shopping, the cooking, the baking, the wrapping, the caroling, the parties—it can all add up to a season that is more “stress and chaos” than “comfort and joy.”   Minimalism is a lifestyle that has grown popular in recent years for its promotion of a slower paced, simpler life. Having less, doing less, and stressing less are key hallmarks of minimalism, and they are all things that could potentially Read More

The Best Hiding Spots for Holiday Gifts

  If you’re the “get your holiday shopping done early” type, you’ve likely encountered the problem of where to hide all those presents before it’s time to wrap them and give them. You don’t want to use all the usual hiding spots (kids can sniff those out in a heartbeat), but if you get too tricky, you run the risk of not being able to remember where you hid it when you need it. (Then you happen to find it in April, and things just get awkward.)   We’re here to help, with this list of the best hiding spots Read More

Prepping Your Kitchen For the Holidays

  The holidays are a time for tradition, family, and of course—food! Whether you enjoy spending hours on end in the kitchen, or you call in catered meals to save yourself some time, most people end up spending a good amount of time prepping, cooking, serving, and eating food.   No matter where you fall on the spectrum of food preparation, having an organized and well-stocked kitchen will save you a lot of stress when it comes time to make or serve the food. So before the holiday crazy hits, spend an hour or two implementing these tips for prepping Read More

How to Create a Welcoming Guest Room

  It’s that time of year—when friends and family come from all over to be together for the holidays. If you’ll be hosting out of town guests this season, you’ve probably started to put some thought into how to make sure your guests are as comfortable in your home as possible. What will they need? How will you entertain them? How can you go above and beyond to create a truly welcoming environment for them?   It’s not always easy to make room for more people, but with the right plan in place, your guest room will give your guests Read More

4 House Projects to Complete Before Selling Your Home

  Thinking about putting your house on the market? It’s an exciting time for you and your family, but it also probably means a good deal of work ahead. Not only is there the work of moving everything that you own into a new home, but you also have to prepare your current home to sell. And, you want to do everything you can to make sure it sells quickly, and at a price that is fairly close to your asking price.   So what are some of these things you can do to help move things along? There are Read More