3 Tips for Organizing Your Storage Unit

No matter how long you plan on using your storage unit, keeping it neatly organized is important and will help prevent stress and injury. An organized storage unit will ensure your belongings are easy to access when you need them. You’ll also avoid injury from falling boxes or damage to your possessions.   Organizing your storage unit is often over-looked step. People are typically in a hurry as they unload their things into a storage unit and aren’t really thinking about the long-term. All it takes is one stressful afternoon of frantically searching through dozens of boxes looking for a Read More

New Year’s Organization Resolutions

As we ring in the New Year, many of us will reflect on how we can make life better this year, including how to keep our homes more neat and organized. This sometimes feels like a never-ending goal. Just when we feel we’re reached a new level of organization, something new will come up in life that forces us to re-focus our efforts.   Still, there are some basics when it comes to organizing that can make a big difference. If you’re contemplating your New Year’s goals for an organized home, consider the following ideas:   Organize Your Closet   Read More

Storing Holiday Decorations

It’s that time of the year when the holiday decorations, including lights, wreaths and Christmas trees are everywhere you look. Some people take their decorating more seriously than others, with displays that include dozens of strings of lights, inflatable santa’s and snowmen and tons of other decorations for both inside and outside. Others choose to keep their decorations to a minimum. Either way, at some point, the holiday season will end and all of those decorations will need to be boxed up and stored until next year.   You may have asked yourself, as many others do, if there is Read More

How to Stay Cool During Your Summer Move

  Moving during the summer in Phoenix, Arizona can be quite a challenge. There are certain precautions and preparations you’ll want to be sure to take to avoid becoming overheated or dehydrated. Here are a few tips on how to stay cool during your summer move:   Wear the Right Clothing   To start with, be sure you are wearing the right clothing when moving in the summer. Comfortable and loose-fitting clothing will be much more easier to live with and will help you stay cool. Also, be sure to wear light-colored clothing to help deflect the sunlight.   Drink Read More

Need a Place to Store Your Boat?

  There’s nothing better than heading to a nearby lake with your boat on hot summer’s day. With so many neighboring lakes in the vicinity, Phoenix is a great place to own a boat. Many lakes are just a short drive away making them easy and convenient to access.   What isn’t so convenient is storing a boat. You can’t park a boat just anywhere. They are often not allowed to be parked in many deed-restricted communities. Apartment parking lots aren’t usually set up to park boats, either. You may be able to park one in your driveway or yard Read More

Moving Supplies That Are Commonly Overlooked

  Now that moving day is here, it’s time to take inventory of the supplies you’ve prepared to help make the move go as smoothly as possible. You’ve got your boxes, your tape and maybe even a dolly, but you still feel like maybe you’re forgetting something.   It’s sometimes difficult to remember everything you will need to have on hand when you’re moving, especially when your mind has been focused on packing everything away. Here we list a few items that can be helpful when moving that are often forgotten or overlooked.   Tape Measure   As you start Read More