Tips for Moving Your Bed Safely and Efficiently

  Of all the furniture you will handle the next time you move, your bed and its mattress just might pose the biggest challenge. Both bed frames and mattresses are often large, uniquely shaped and heavy. The last thing you want to do is cause damage to your bed by handling it the wrong way during a move. Here are a few tips that will help ensure your bed arrives at you new home safe and sound and without a scratch.   1. Strip the Mattress Down   Some people think they can save some time by simply moving their Read More

Too Many Toys? What Toys You Should Hold On To

Do you ever feel that your home is overrun with too many toys? It can be surprising to see just how quickly the amount of toys can accumulate whether you have just one child or several. What’s even more alarming is to see how many of those toys are barely touched at all. What might have seemed at the time like the perfect birthday present now sits at the bottom of the toy chest collecting dust.   Even when the number toys in our homes begin to become a problem, it’s not always easy to know which toys to get Read More

Tips for Storing Clothes

As seasons come and go, you can actually save yourself quite a bit of closet and drawer space by storing seasonal clothing until you need them again. This is especially true for those living here in the Phoenix, Arizona area, where heavy coats and other winter clothing are used very seldom.   It’s important to pay attention to how you are storing your clothing to ensure they are ready for use when you need them again. Here we share some tips on how to consider the next time you begin packing clothes away:   Avoiding Mildew   The last thing Read More

When to Choose a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

When it comes time to choose a storage unit, there are a few important decisions you will need to make, such as how big of a unit you will need and how long you will need it. You’ll also need to decide if you want to use a climate-controlled unit or not. In some cases, the items to be stored will do much better in a climate controlled storage unit, especially here in the desert of Phoenix, Arizona.   Climate controlled units can make a huge difference when you’re dealing with excessive temperatures. They provide protection for your possessions from Read More

Seasonal Storage For Your Business

At Cactus Self Storage, we continue to see an increase in the amount of businesses that are using self-storage units for storing everything from inventory to excess office equipment and supplies.   While there are many reasons why a business would find using a storage unit beneficial, perhaps the biggest reason is simply to declutter their working environment. This makes a huge difference when you are trying to create or maintain an organized and professional workspace for yourself or employees. Often times it’s easy for a business to accumulate quite a bit of “stuff” over the years without realizing just Read More

Tips for a Smooth Moving Truck Unloading in the Summer

Unloading a moving truck in the middle of an Arizona summer can be quite a challenge. If you’ve never lived in the Phoenix area before, this is one move that you will probably never forget. Here are a few tips for a smooth moving truck unloading in the summer:   Do Your Best to Avoid the Heat   There are certain times of the summer when it may seem like it is impossible to avoid the heat altogether. Still, there are times of the day that are at least a few degrees cooler than the middle of the day. Plan Read More