Keeping Your Storage Unit Organized

Nothing is more infuriating than having to dig through an unorganized storage unit trying to find one specific item. This is especially true when you are using a large unit for long-term storage. You can avoid this frustration by following some simple tips that we’ve provided below:   1. Keep your unit clean. This starts when you first move in to your storage unit. Make sure the ground is swept and clear of debris. If you find yourself making frequent visits to your unit, make sure you aren’t littering it with trash or empty boxes. Think of your storage unit Read More

Clear Your Home of Clutter

As the weather continues to warm up here in Phoenix, Arizona, many residents find themselves ready to switch into their Spring mindset. Spring is such a great time to live in the Valley of the Sun with its many outdoor activities and amazing weather.   Along with getting out to do more, many people also find that it is time to do some spring cleaning around the house. This often includes getting rid of excess clutter that takes up too much space. More than often, we have items in our home that we don’t have space for, but aren’t ready Read More

5 Tips for Storage Safety

In many ways, loading your empty storage unit for the first time is much like moving into a new home. You have to take the time to strategically plan out how your belongings will fit best in the space while remembering to allow for easy access to the things you will need the most frequently. Part of this strategy should involve knowing how to store your stuff so that it will remain undamaged and in good shape while it’s in storage.   Keeping your items safe while in storage can be done by following a few simple guidelines.   1. Read More

What to Look For When Choosing a Self-Storage Location

It’s one thing to decide that you are definitely going to use a self-storage unit. Now the next big step is choosing which storage facility to use. Drive down almost any major street in the Phoenix area and you will almost assuredly run into a self-storage location soon enough. They are a very popular option these days for people in many different situations.   As you begin to look at the different self-storage companies across town, it may be easy to assume that they are almost all alike and that the best choice is the cheapest. This is far from Read More