How to Create a Welcoming Guest Room

  It’s that time of year—when friends and family come from all over to be together for the holidays. If you’ll be hosting out of town guests this season, you’ve probably started to put some thought into how to make sure your guests are as comfortable in your home as possible. What will they need? How will you entertain them? How can you go above and beyond to create a truly welcoming environment for them?   It’s not always easy to make room for more people, but with the right plan in place, your guest room will give your guests Read More

4 House Projects to Complete Before Selling Your Home

  Thinking about putting your house on the market? It’s an exciting time for you and your family, but it also probably means a good deal of work ahead. Not only is there the work of moving everything that you own into a new home, but you also have to prepare your current home to sell. And, you want to do everything you can to make sure it sells quickly, and at a price that is fairly close to your asking price.   So what are some of these things you can do to help move things along? There are Read More

Food Storage 101: What to Store and How to Store It

  Keeping a small stockpile of food is a good idea for many reasons. For one, having a decent stock of foods you commonly eat can help you save on your grocery bill, should the need to pinch pennies ever arise. For another, if your area is ever affected by a natural disaster, food and supplies at your local store may be hard to come by, making it crucial to have easy access to food. Other families simply like to be prepared at all times, for any situation that might make it difficult for them to otherwise find or buy Read More

5 Benefits of Practicing Minimalism at Home

  We’ve all seen the pictures of minimalist homes. Whether on Pinterest or in everyone’s favorite Scandinavian catalog, the rooms that are sparsely furnished and decorated somehow stand out. And while part of our brains think, “Ah, that looks nice,” another part is probably thinking, “There’s no way I could ever live like that.”   Minimalism is attractive to each of us in one way or another, but it doesn’t seem like an actual possibility. Can people really survive with fewer than one dozen quilts? Can a wall in your home remain standing if it doesn’t have a complicated gallery Read More

Home Trends Centered Around Organization

  A well-organized home is often a beautiful home. Most of us look at the clean homes featured in magazines and drool not only over their beauty, but also over their thoughtful and purposeful organization.   Those magazine-worthy homes really are on to something: form and function can go hand in hand. In fact, there are current trends in home decor and design that are actually centered around organization, having a dual purpose that looks great while really “working” for your home and lifestyle.   Here are just a few great home trends that are centered around organization.   Built-in Read More

Designing Your Dream Closet—and Making It a Reality

  Close your eyes and imagine your dream closet. It probably has plenty of space, clever storage options, and a pair of shoes for every outfit, right? Well, we can’t really help you with the shoes, but we are here to help you make some small tweaks to your current closet to bring it just a little bit closer to the closet of your dreams.   Here are some steps you can take to start designing your closet, and ways you can implement those ideas to make your own closet just a little more dreamy.   Take Inventory   Before Read More