Storing Appliances in Self-Storage

  If you need to store some of your appliances in self-storage for a while, you should take extra care to store them properly. Appliances are a big investment and you don’t want them to get ruined when you’re trying to keep them safe.   Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re moving your appliances to your self-storage unit.   Clean Them Well   Appliances can get really dirty, even with normal use. Even your appliances that are supposed to clean things, like your dishwasher and your washing machine, can get a lot of dirt or Read More

What to Do with Your Home’s Bonus Room

  Got an extra room in your home that you’re not sure what to do with? Not everyone is lucky enough to have a “bonus” room in their house, but if you are, it an be tricky to try to find just the right purpose for that extra space. If you’ve been trying to decide what identity to give your bonus room, we’ve got a few ideas that just might give you the inspiration you’ve been looking for.   Here are our favorite ways to use the bonus room in your home:   Playroom.   If you have young kids, Read More

Moving to Phoenix? Here are 5 Things You Should Know

  Planning a move to the Phoenix area sometime in the near future? If so, you’ll be joining over four and a half million people who call Phoenix or one of its surrounding cities home.   Many Phoenix residents love living here, but if you’re moving from a different place, it can be a bit of a shock to start a new life in the Valley of the Sun. There are a lot of little things you’ll pick up along the way, but here are what we consider to be the five most important things for you to know to Read More

How to Create an Incredible Home Library

  Got a bibliophile in your home? Then you probably also have a ton of books. While books are a great addition to any home (both in terms of functionality and decoration) it can sometimes be hard to know how to store or display them properly.   Whether you have a dozen books, or dozens of dozens, there are a few things you can do to make your home “library” a little more functional and beautiful. Here are some of our favorite tips.   Create a dedicated space. Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have an entire room to Read More

Designing Your Outdoor Space for Success (Even in a Phoenix Summer)

  Outdoor entertaining is one of the great things about owning a home. If you design your outdoor space well, it can really turn into an extension of your home that creates memorable experiences for you, your family, and your guests.   Of course, throw a Phoenix summer into the mix, and things get a little more interesting.   With temperatures well into the triple digits, it might be a little baffling to some why you would even want to spend time outdoors during a Phoenix summer. Well, with a little planning, you’ll be able to design a space that Read More

When You’re the New Neighbor: How to Feel Comfortable in Your New Neighborhood

  Moving can be a jarring experience in a lot of different ways. Not only are you in a new house, but more likely than not, you’re probably in a new neighborhood as well, with new surroundings and of course, new neighbors.   Each of your new neighbors is going to be different, so it may take a little time to gauge which ones you and your family will get along with. Still, there are a few things you can do to when you first move in to help you get through the stage of being the “new neighbor.” Here Read More