Baby Items You Shouldn’t Get Rid Of (And Some You Should)

  Babies grow up fast. Before you know it, you have a huge pile of clothes they can’t fit into, a car seat that they’re too big for, and a whole lot of baby toys that don’t keep their interest anymore. It can be tempting to get rid of everything as soon as you don’t need it anymore, but before you do, you need to ask yourself this question: are you going to have another kid?   If the answer is “yes,” or even “maybe,” then you shouldn’t get rid of everything just yet. While it will make sense to Read More

Up Your Spring Cleaning Game, With Self Storage

  While winter is more of a concept than a reality in Phoenix, it’s still refreshing when spring arrives. The days get longer, the trees start to grow new leaves, and the temperatures are absolutely beautiful (at least for a few weeks, until they hit triple digits).   Maybe that’s why, even in Phoenix, the idea of spring cleaning is an attractive one. We want to hit the reset button on our homes, clear out the clutter, dust every nook and cranny, and enjoy a fresh, new start.   When most people think about spring cleaning, they think about all Read More

How Self-Storage Can Help “Snowbirds” in Phoenix

  One of the best things about living in the Phoenix area is the “winter” weather. From November to April, Phoenix boasts mostly mild temperatures that leave snow-covered cities green (or white, as the case may be) with envy.   Perhaps this is why winter visitors, more often lovingly referred to a “snowbirds,” flock to the Phoenix area during these months. Then, when things start to heat up in April or May, they head back to their home states to enjoy a summer that isn’t quite as intense as a Phoenix summer. Weather-wise, they get the best of both worlds. Read More

Why You Should Make Room in Your Garage for Your Car

  Let’s face it: garages have become more than “a place to park your car.” In fact, many homeowners end up not parking their car in the garage at all, instead opting to use the garage as a catch-all storage space.   Unfortunately, if you live in the Phoenix area, this could be bad news for your car. Many people in the area, especially those that live in surrounding areas like Glendale, Chandler, or Gilbert, own their cars and rely on them for transportation, yet are unable to keep their cars in their garages.   Today, we’re going over the Read More

Simple Hacks for Keeping Your Home Clean and Clutter Free

  There’s nothing quite like deep cleaning your house. It’s incredibly refreshing to get rid of clutter, clean out those cramped spaces, and enjoy a cleaner, more organized home.   Of course, it’s not always realistic to spend an entire day cleaning and decluttering your home in one fell swoop. This kind of project is much easier to handle if it’s done consistently, over time.   We’ve discovered some simple tips—life hacks, rules to live by, and just good old common sense—that will help you take baby steps towards a cleaner, more organized home. Don’t feel like you have to Read More

Decluttering Before a Move: Why, When, and How

  Decluttering your home is a chore, but it’s also important for keeping your home in a clean, well-organized state. Clutter can leave your home feeling chaotic and can negatively affect your daily life.   That’s why, when you move into a new home, you shouldn’t move the clutter, too. Moving is the perfect time to rid your house of all the extra “stuff” that makes your spaces crowded and messy.   Today, we’re breaking down decluttering before a move. Here’s why, when, and how you should jump on this opportunity to clear your clutter.   Why: to get a Read More